Come Along

The Winton Riding for Disabled Group operates in the main supporting local special schools working with children who have disabilities. The children we help have a range of special needs from learning difficulties to physical disabilities. Winton RDA gives children the opportunity to experience the joy and excitement of riding whatever their ability. The RDA support forms part of the school curriculum and we work very closely with the teachers to focus on the individual needs of  the children such as confidence building, learning new things, meeting new people, learning to ride,  interacting with the animals and generally really enjoying themselves.

Winton RDA operates from a local riding stable. We provide lessons Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday each week during school term in conjunction with the local schools and council.

The Monday class is also open to anyone who would like to attend outside of school, parents are asked to contribute to the cost of the Monday class. If your child would like to attend the Monday class, or if you would like more information on Winton RDA classes, please click here.

For safety reasons the minimum age we can accept is 7 years old and there is a weight limit which is currently 10 stone (depending on the child), unfortunately we do not have the facilities to accommodate adult riders. We would be happy to discuss with parents any specific needs or concerns.

How Can You Donate?

Winton RDA welcomes all donations. We can only provide the services that we do by the kind and generous donations that we receive. If you would like to make a donation please click the Donate button for more information.