Volunteering with Winton RDA is extremely rewarding. As a helper you experience the joy of seeing the children with beaming smiles on their faces, their arms wrapped around the pony’s necks thoroughly enjoying themselves. Many of the children participate for many years with the group, over that time you see their confidence grow and witness the positive effect that riding has on their whole life.

Experience life affirming moments such as when one shy little boy who did not speak and the first word we heard him say was “Dotty” the name of a beautiful big horse that he saw in the arena, from that moment on he has not looked back. Three years on and his confidence shines through. He competed in the West and Central Scotland Regional Competition in Stirling which he absolutely loved, taking part in the dressage, tack and turnout and the Handy Pony competitions and winning a forth rosette.

Getting involved is easy and rewarding. As a volunteer you can help by leading a pony, assist by side walking for child safety, or generally help with getting the children set up and ready to ride, tacking and un-tacking the ponies etc. A love of children and ponies helps but no previous experience is necessary. Volunteers are our life blood without them we could not operate.
We provide lessons Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday each school term week.

If you are interested in helping out click here to contact us and we'll get back with more details.

How Can You Donate?

Winton RDA welcomes all donations. We can only provide the services that we do by the kind and generous donations that we receive. If you would like to make a donation please click the Donate button for more information.